Links PHP Program

Links PHP Program made by phlatline.
Version 1.0
Release: 7-15-2004

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Demo -- password is "password"
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This program was designed to display a list of links sorted into groups.
I made it to use as my homepage so that all my links are at my fingertips.

Important Note: The default password is "password" without the quotes.
To change it please open the php file and edit the line that says
$password="password" to whatever you want it to be.

I made this program skinable using CSS. If you come up with any nice skins please
email me and I'll add them to the site if you like (Giving you credit of coarse)

This is a standalone turn-key program that requires no setup. Simply unzip and go.
If you do not want to use this as an index.php you can rename it to any filename you
want. The program will detect its name and adjust accordingly.

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